Brian Sessions


Description:A call for believers to remeber the spiritual state of the people in th world and to feel the weight of the matter. Ultimately this is a call to trust in the power of God's Word, the might of the Holy Spirit, and to act with the urgency in the spreading os the good news of hope for the dead.

Test #3: Doctrine

Joel Kurz


Description:Jesus is the safe place for Sinners. How might sinners, however, know that they are in Him? John has given us a series of "tests" that we may know that we are Christians. Our third test is doctrine. What do you belive about Jesus? Join us as we come to understnd the importance of our beliefs in the identity of Jesus Christ.

Test #2: Love (continued)

Joel Kurz


Description:We all have a problem: sin remains. Yet we have a remedy: Jesus Christ is a refuge for sinners - our advocate and propitiation. This morning we continue to explore a number of "tests."Last week we began the test of love. We know we love God if we love each other. This week the test continues - from a little different angle: We know we love God if we do not love the world. Has the world's ways caught your heart? Are you living for temporal Pleasures which do not Last? Join us this morning as we meet Jesus, the King who's Kingdom remains forever.

Living in the Light

Joel Kurz


Description:Are you a real Christian? In our culture today, many people assume that they're a Christian, and that they're in a solid relationship with God based on their own standards of goodness. In this passage, we discover that God is light and a Christian lives in the light. Join us as we explore the marks of true Christianity and what it means to live in the light as he is in the light.

Cling to the message of Jesus

Joel Kurz


Description:Am I really a Christian? How do I know? We begin a new series in 1 John this morning to discover the concrete confidence we have in Christ. 1 John isn't written to cause doubt – it's written so that we may know that we are children of God. Listen and be encouraged in your faith and know these things, “so that your joy may be complete.”

Resilience in a World of Despair

Joel Kurz


Description:After defining spiritual depression and identifying the purpose and plan behind it, it's time to unpack practical strategies for how to weather and respond to deep discouragement. This week we explore the third stanza of the song and see how the Psalmist battles depression, and how we might learn form him and grow in our own resilience against this world of despair.

God, Sex, and Desire

Josh Glaser


Description:"Have you ever wondered why romantic and sexual desires are so powerful? Why does it sometimes seem sexuality and spirituality are so far apart? Is it meant to be this way? Relationally and sexually, what does it mean to be "pure"? What does the incarnation of Jesus have to us about all this?

A Strange Gift

Joel Kurz


Description:Understanding how God uses all things for our good and for his glory is one of our greatest tactics in dealing with despair and the first step in finding solid ground in the deep waters of depression. This is the perspective that changes how we view and experience trials and seasons of heavy discouragement. We consider the strange gift of feeling far from god and how he uses it to draw us closer to Him.

A Heart for Hard People

Charlie Mitchell


Description:Charlie is a church planter in Baltimore City with Epiphany Fellowship Baltimore. Too many people think that the church is for perfect people. We examine Luke and discover that Jesus taught just the opposite. Jesus ate with sinners. He came for sinners. And he came to call sinners to himself.

The Resurrection Changes Everything

Joel Kurz


Description:We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ! For the past year we have been walking through the book of matthew and finally witness the conquering of death. All of life is wrapped in shame, fear, and death. Jesus does what none could ever do - he defeats it all and brings us life.

The Effectiveness of The Cross

Joel Kurz


Description:On Palm Sunday, crowds welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem as the coming King. By friday, Jesus will be hanging on a cross. Join us as we continue to study the meaning of Christ's death. in Matthew, we are shown that Jesus did not merely die as an example but as the necessary, effectual, perfect sacrifice on our behalf.

The Meaning of The Cross

Joel Kurz


Description:What happened on the cross? Many books and movies have gone to the great lengths to show the physical gore of the crucifixion, but none of them capture the full meaning. To fully understand what happened on the cross, we need more than a visual description, we need a spiritual description.

Tried by Sinful Man

Joel Kurz


Description:Observe Jesus tried before Pilate, a trial he endured on our behalf. Though innocent, he didn't defend himself, but willingly stodd in our place, taking our sentence of guilty upon himself. Let's come together and worship and rejoice at the awesome pardon afforded to us as a result Christ accepting our condemnation.

For the Forgiveness of Sins

Joel Kurz


Description:Are you receiving forgiveness? In this passage, Matthew begins the final narrative which tells of Jesus' death. It begins with the world plotting aganst him, even his friends. yet in the midst of corruption sits the Savior, with a cup in his hand, declaring that this cup represents his blood poured out for the forgiveness of sins. Let's sip together of God's mercey

Stay Awake

Joel Kurz


Description:Jesus promised to return and gather his people to himself, but what does that mean for us in the meantime? First, we're given hope in his promise. And second, that hope moves us to engage in our individual callings with faithfulness and diligence. Rather than simply waiting, we are charged to stay awake with activity and purpose, hope and anticipation.

Christian Roots in Africa

Dr. Greg Kame


Description:A lecture addressing questions such as: "Is Christianity the white man religion?" and "How does a Christian reconcile their genuine faith with the reality of colonialism and the Euro-centric sins of the past?"Dr. Greg Kame was born and raised in Cameroon. Dr. Kame is a graduate of Cameroon Baptist Theological Seminary and received a PhD in Systematic Theology from the University of South Africa. He currently serves as Interin Director of Missions for the Prince George's Baptist Association.

The King is Coming

Joel Kurz


Description:In the midst of corruption, Jesus comes as the God of justice. But times will get worse before they get better. Today we live in this era of deception, tribulation, temptation, and presecution. Yet our hope remains the same - Jesus is coming again!

Matthew 23:13-39

Joel Kurz


Description:Note: The first half of this sermon suffers from technical difficulties. However, the fuzz in the begining is worth it. This part of Matthew has a powerful message.

The Face of a Fraud

Joel Kurz


Description:We must not confuse a show of godliness for actual godliness. There are phony ministers and christians who enjoy being seen as Godly yet lack genuine Christlikness. Phony spirituality remains a constant threat for all christians. Join us today as Jesus warns his people against the phony and calls his disciples to real faith.

The Jealous God

Dr. Kevin Smith


Description:Dr. Kevin Smith brings us a message form God's Word. Dr. Smith has previously served in both pastoral and professorial roles, and now serves us as the Executive Director of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware.


Joel Kurz


Description:In every generation, questions are posed against Christianity which shake Christians. Every generation fears that they have no answer; yet every generation answers the skeptics with grace. As we near the end of Matthew, we see the religous establisment grasping at straws to trip Jesus up and accuse him of blasphemy. We study the four questions ask by Pharisees to find fault that is not there, and observe the blamlessness of Christ that cannot be marred. He is unstoppable in his decernment, wisdom, wit, and words, and the Pharisees are beaten at their own game, speechless, yet unbelieving. Be encouraged that the body of Christ has answered every question for 2,000 years with grace, and the church of Jesus Christ is unstoppable.

Zechariah's Song

Brian Sessions


Description:John the Baotist is born. His father's lips are opened at this baby's birth. What he prophecies is an inspired song that i written down forever. This morning we study "Zechariah's Song" and come to see just who it is for, whom baby John will one day pave the road.

Mary's Song

Joel Kurz


Description:Everything is about to change. The next thirty years will be the most important three decades of human history. There is a baby in her womb. They will call him Jesus. He will save people from their sins. With this news, a poor young girl is filled with joy. She rejoices in God and glorifies him. How blessed is she!God has chosen her to be the mother of the Savior, Christ our Lord.

The Children and the Rich Man

Joel Kurz


Description:Who enters the Kingdom of Heaven? We move deeper into the upside down kingdom through examining two types of people: children and a wealthy man. The ones who have nothing to offer are received, the one who comes with great wealth isturned away. Listen as we study Matthew 19:13-30, and hear the call to humility and hope, teaching us that we are weak ones made rich in christ.

Preaching the Gospel to Yourself

Daniel Hindman


Description:Every Day we filter our experiences and feelings through a set of ideas and beliefs about ourselves, about the world, and about God. And every day we either reinforce the lies our hearts naturally condemn us with or allow the Spirit to inform our thoughts and feelings with the truth of the Word. The filter we default to plays a powerful, but often unappreciated, role in our everyday living, But how often do we stop to consider how we think about the Word? Unpacking the example Psalm 73 gives us, we'll walk through that it means and what it looks like to steadly root out souls in the truth of the gospel, in the salvation of God.

Two Becomes One

Joel Kurz


Description:What makes marrage a big deal? Is it the fancy wedding ceremony? How much of our understanding of marriage and its purposes has been shaped by the culture and in what ways does culture contradict the good plan God has created for his children?We explore what makes Biblical Marriage worth fighting for. We will unpack what makes marriage good, beautiful, and holy, celebrating how it pictures the gospel in our homes and communities.


Joel Kurz


Description:The world "drops" friends who wrong them. Christians are not allowed to drop them. We are called to forgive. Jesus just taught on how to pursue the wanderer and laid out a process for church discipline. Peter understands that the big idea is not "how to remove someone" but, on the contrary, it's "how to restore someone." The goal is restoration. Reter then rightly ask: "So how many time are we supposed to forgive?"Forgiveness is not optional. Join us as we learn the importance and the art of forgiveness.

Pursue the Wandering

Joel Kurz


Description:Do you love fellow believers enough to pursue those who are falling away? We continue our series through Matthew. Jesus has announced the church and founded her upon the Gospel. He has turned his attention to the relationships within the church and explains that we must pursue the wandering. Today, it seems that Christians are prone to either disdain or ignore the wandering. We are not allowed to do either. We must faithfully pursue and gently restore - and this is love!

Passing The Test of Life

Tyrone Moorehead


Description:We welcome Pastor Tyrone Moorehead. Pastor Moorehead is a graduate of Howard University and serves as Administrative Pastor at First Baptist Church of Upper Marlboro. He will be preaching from 1st John. Christians have overcome the world! Join us as we explore this wonderful victory in Jesus Christ.

True Greatness

Joel Kurz


Description:What does it mean to be great? With the life and death of Jesus, the concept of greatness and humility were both radically revolutionized. The greatest is one who becomes small!In this section of Matthew, Jesus addresses the church - the community of peope who will follow him. He explains that the greatest in his Kingdom is the one who humbles himself, and then serves others. The greatest in the Kindgom of heaven protect fellow Christians from sin and pursue the wandering. The greatest humbly serve the church.

Future Hope

Joel Kurz


Description:What you believe about the future shapes how you live today. If the future is only bleak, one may hoard, seeking as much comfort today as possible. If the future is hopeful, even our current challenges become manageable. In Matthew, Jesus makes it clear that suffering for His sake is inevitable in the Christian life. If you are a ChirstIan, you must deny yourself and let go of everything contray to the Kingdom. But Jesus doesn't leave us with challenges alone. He shows us our future hope - and it changes the way we live today.

The Victorious Church

Joel Kurz


Description:The church is far more significant than we typically realize – it is the one foundation which lasts forever. The church is not built by any human or through the wisdom of any man. The church is built by Jesus Christ himself and will endure all things. Jesus announces this new community which carries the keys of the Kingdom, and a power which not even the gates of hell can withstand! Are you in Christ and part of his body, the church?