Are You Hearing the Word?

Joel Kurz


Description:Jeremiah 4-6; The problem wasn't that God's Word was lost. The problem was that God's Word wasn't heard. Jeremiah faithfully preached the Word, but it was rejected. Are you hearing the Word?

It's Not Too Late

Joel Kurz


Description:Jeremiah 3; Many feel they've sinned too much or gone too far. With God, there's hope for the hopeless. This sermon shows that it was not too late for the rebellious people. For those of us today who feel God is through with us––it's not too late.

Love Betrayed

Joel Kurz


Description:Jeremiah 2:1-37; In this sermon, we explore the betrayal of God's love by his people, and witness God's faithfulness to us.

All In, for the Long Haul

Joel Kurz


Description:Jeremiah 1:1-19; This sermon begins a series in the book of Jeremiah. God called Jeremiah to a difficul ministry, and Jeremiah would faithfully deliver God's word to a rebellious people. His ministry was long and he experienced little fruit - but he was faithful. Like Jeremiah, we must be all in, for the long haul.

Worry and Depression

Brian Sessions


Description:As we come to the end of one year and enter another, we are often struck by worries of what is to come. Will 2018 be better than this past year? Worse? Listen as Brian Sessions preaches on this topic and let the Word of God lead us into 2018.

Prince of Peace

Joel Kurz


Description:Why do the nations war against each other? Why do we have wars within our neighborhoods, families and friendships? As the old songwriter wrote, “There is no peace on earth I said.” Yet we have hope – a Savior is born.

Everlasting Father

Eric Hill


Description:We live in a world where our leaders often fail to demonstrate justice, equity, morality and what is right. The ancient people of Israel had a leader who was failing. It was prophesied that a great leader was coming. He would lead as a father loves his children and this king’s reign would never end.

Confident Prayer

Joel Kurz


Description:1 John 5:13-15; In this sermon, Pastor Joel explains the fruit of our assurance of eternal life: a bold and confident prayer life.

Is the Bible Enough?

Kevin Smith


Description:ONE HOPE Conference, Session 5: Is the Bible Enough? In this sermon, Dr. Kevin Smith speaks on the topic of "sufficiency of Scripture." Followed by Q&A..

Is the Bible Needed?

Shai Linne


Description:ONE HOPE Conference, Session 4: Is the Bible Needed? In this sermon, Pastor Shai Linne speaks on the topic of necessity of Scripture." Followed by Q&A..

Why the Bible?

Montrel Haygood


Description:ONE HOPE Conference, Session 1:Why the Bible? In this sermon, Pastor Montrel Haygood disccusses issues of how the Bible was put together and whether or not it can be trusted. Followed by Q&A..


Brian Sessions


Description:A call for believers to remeber the spiritual state of the people in th world and to feel the weight of the matter. Ultimately this is a call to trust in the power of God's Word, the might of the Holy Spirit, and to act with the urgency in the spreading os the good news of hope for the dead.

Test #3: Doctrine

Joel Kurz


Description:Jesus is the safe place for Sinners. How might sinners, however, know that they are in Him? John has given us a series of "tests" that we may know that we are Christians. Our third test is doctrine. What do you belive about Jesus? Join us as we come to understnd the importance of our beliefs in the identity of Jesus Christ.

Test #2: Love (continued)

Joel Kurz


Description:We all have a problem: sin remains. Yet we have a remedy: Jesus Christ is a refuge for sinners - our advocate and propitiation. This morning we continue to explore a number of "tests."Last week we began the test of love. We know we love God if we love each other. This week the test continues - from a little different angle: We know we love God if we do not love the world. Has the world's ways caught your heart? Are you living for temporal Pleasures which do not Last? Join us this morning as we meet Jesus, the King who's Kingdom remains forever.

Living in the Light

Joel Kurz


Description:Are you a real Christian? In our culture today, many people assume that they're a Christian, and that they're in a solid relationship with God based on their own standards of goodness. In this passage, we discover that God is light and a Christian lives in the light. Join us as we explore the marks of true Christianity and what it means to live in the light as he is in the light.

Cling to the message of Jesus

Joel Kurz


Description:Am I really a Christian? How do I know? We begin a new series in 1 John this morning to discover the concrete confidence we have in Christ. 1 John isn't written to cause doubt – it's written so that we may know that we are children of God. Listen and be encouraged in your faith and know these things, “so that your joy may be complete.”

Resilience in a World of Despair

Joel Kurz


Description:After defining spiritual depression and identifying the purpose and plan behind it, it's time to unpack practical strategies for how to weather and respond to deep discouragement. This week we explore the third stanza of the song and see how the Psalmist battles depression, and how we might learn form him and grow in our own resilience against this world of despair.

God, Sex, and Desire

Josh Glaser


Description:"Have you ever wondered why romantic and sexual desires are so powerful? Why does it sometimes seem sexuality and spirituality are so far apart? Is it meant to be this way? Relationally and sexually, what does it mean to be "pure"? What does the incarnation of Jesus have to us about all this?

A Strange Gift

Joel Kurz


Description:Understanding how God uses all things for our good and for his glory is one of our greatest tactics in dealing with despair and the first step in finding solid ground in the deep waters of depression. This is the perspective that changes how we view and experience trials and seasons of heavy discouragement. We consider the strange gift of feeling far from god and how he uses it to draw us closer to Him.

A Heart for Hard People

Charlie Mitchell


Description:Charlie is a church planter in Baltimore City with Epiphany Fellowship Baltimore. Too many people think that the church is for perfect people. We examine Luke and discover that Jesus taught just the opposite. Jesus ate with sinners. He came for sinners. And he came to call sinners to himself.

The Resurrection Changes Everything

Joel Kurz


Description:We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ! For the past year we have been walking through the book of matthew and finally witness the conquering of death. All of life is wrapped in shame, fear, and death. Jesus does what none could ever do - he defeats it all and brings us life.

The Effectiveness of The Cross

Joel Kurz


Description:On Palm Sunday, crowds welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem as the coming King. By friday, Jesus will be hanging on a cross. Join us as we continue to study the meaning of Christ's death. in Matthew, we are shown that Jesus did not merely die as an example but as the necessary, effectual, perfect sacrifice on our behalf.

The Meaning of The Cross

Joel Kurz


Description:What happened on the cross? Many books and movies have gone to the great lengths to show the physical gore of the crucifixion, but none of them capture the full meaning. To fully understand what happened on the cross, we need more than a visual description, we need a spiritual description.

Tried by Sinful Man

Joel Kurz


Description:Observe Jesus tried before Pilate, a trial he endured on our behalf. Though innocent, he didn't defend himself, but willingly stodd in our place, taking our sentence of guilty upon himself. Let's come together and worship and rejoice at the awesome pardon afforded to us as a result Christ accepting our condemnation.

For the Forgiveness of Sins

Joel Kurz


Description:Are you receiving forgiveness? In this passage, Matthew begins the final narrative which tells of Jesus' death. It begins with the world plotting aganst him, even his friends. yet in the midst of corruption sits the Savior, with a cup in his hand, declaring that this cup represents his blood poured out for the forgiveness of sins. Let's sip together of God's mercey